“I got a compliment today!”

Had to share this before I forget!

Addy came home from dance class last night and told me, “Mom! I got a compliment today!”

Wait for it…



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  1. Hi Addy,

    I really enjoyed meeting you at Oireachtas last weekend! I hope you had as much fun dancing as I did. It was sweet of you to come over and introduce yourself. I was curious about the blog that you and your mom write, so I looked it up. It’s really cool that you like to share your experiences with the world. See you in Louisville again next year?

    -Karen (Ohio)

    • Hi Karen! I’m so glad you found us here! (I wasn’t getting notifications for a while, so we just saw this!) Addy loved meeting you too, and hopes to be back at Oireachtas next year as well!
      – Jennica

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