Meet Addy!

I’m excited to share these with you!  (To my followers, sorry for the double-publishing snafu – my videos didn’t embed properly on first attempt…)

It only took me 6 months, but I’m finally sharing three videos I compiled when Addy had a recent laser surgery.

This is the first time I’m sharing a video glimpse into our conversations, so this will be a chance for our far-flung readers to meet Addy in action.

(They’re on my tiny little YouTube channel, so that all of my videos can be in one place at WhatHappenedToHerFace.)

The context: For the first time, Addy would walk into her dance class with a very bruised face. And there would be some at school who might notice the change.

So, since she’s old enough, I conversed with her about the experiences and tried to catch as much as I could on camera.


First, I share my thoughts on how to approach these conversations.

Parents, you hold a significant responsibility as the person your child looks to for help judging if an encounter is positive or negative.  And no matter how indignant your adult-with-baggage self may feel when you see your precious child fielding questions, remember that these encounters don’t have to be negative!

Handle life with humor and grace, and your child will absorb your attitude.


Then: going to school!  I caught a few minutes with her before we got in the car:


Finally: after dance class, with some help from Elly.  We debriefed the experience, and I intentionally kept my attitude up for her sake.

(And perspective is everything! Movie stars!!!!)


Enjoy!  I hope they encourage you in your own conversations.   Her 41st laser surgery is coming up next week, so I’ll update you on that soon…


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