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There’s a certain Dr. Ward, born in the 17th century, who appears to have been known as “Spot Ward” due to the great “claret stain” on the side of his face.  From my completely un-academic Google-scanning, I’ve learned that he was considered a bit of a quack, and there’s an engraving by Hogarth in which his stain is emphasized, along with his quacky reputation.

If you click on either of these links, scroll down a bit until you find the engraving “The Undertakers” – he’s the guy on the top right with half of his entire face shaded.

I’m fascinated by this!  Know of any other historical figures with stains?

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  1. Well, ol’ Gorby certainly comes to mind as a famous PWS-er. And Tina Turner! http://www.skinema.com/Act8Birthmark.html

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