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We’d love your input!

I’m the mother of a gorgeous little girl who was born in 2008 with a port wine stain the middle-right side of her face. We’ve received questions and comments on the mark since she was born, which is perfectly fine with me and my husband, but as she grows older and more self conscious I want to make sure we equip her to handle the questions herself.

So please help us out! Have you (or your kid, sibling, parent, dog, anything) been the odd one out before? What questions did you get? How did you feel? What did you say in response? Please join the discussion! And as we encounter comments and questions, I’ll share our experiences here, too.

Quite simply, I’d like to have some small idea of what attitudes or questions a girl who has an obvious mark on her face might encounter as she grows older, and to ultimately teach her to respond to it all with humor and grace.

To join the conversation, simply comment on any of the posts here, and share your thoughts. (And just for fun, please tell me what state or country you’re from.) Thank you!

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