Thank you, Children’s

Addy receives laser treatments on her port wine stain at Children’s Hospital. She underwent her first treatment at 5 weeks old; now, she’s had about thirty. (I lost count somewhere in the mid-20s.)

I can go into more detail about these procedures later, in case other parents are interested; for now, I just want to use this post here to say thanks to Children’s hospital; even after 30-some trips there, we (especially Addy) still look forward to going in each time.

Here’s why:

– At Addy’s last surgery, they removed a (very, very) loose tooth while she was under anesthesia, so that it wouldn’t suddenly fall out during the procedure and become an airway risk. So… the awesome Dr. Zelickson sent her back post-op with a pink box holding the tooth and some tooth-fairy money. (Including a $1,000,000 bill.) 🙂

– The staff in the surgery area know us so well that they helped come up with baby names for little Eloise when I was pregnant, they ask where her little brother is if I leave him with a babysitter, they bring Addy’s favorite toys before she even has to ask, and they remember that her favorite flavor for the anesthesia mask is pink bubblegum. I know they see a ton of patients, so the fact that they’ve gotten to know and remember Addy makes her mama feel good.

– This one may be obvious, but it’s worth pointing out: these folks know kids. They know them, they understand them, and they treat them as their own species, and not as small adults. Their physical needs and risks are completely different than adults’, and they carry the potential to develop a lifelong fear of medicine with a single bad experience. No pressure, right? And even after all her trips, Addy still loves doctors, nurses, techs, and anyone in scrubs.

– Through “Dream Night,” Children’s invited us, along with other kids (& their families) to spend an evening at the Minnesota zoo: free zoo pass, dinner, stuffed animal, access after closing time, and all sorts of fun, with other families from Children’s, Gillette’s and other hospitals. Needless to say, it was awesome.

So, thank you, Children’s Hospital (and all patrons, donors and supporters) for taking such good care of us. Even after 30-odd trips, Addy’s already asking me when we get to go in for another treatment.



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